SACON was started as a community initiative to spread security architecture thinking. SACON focuses on several aspects of Security Architecture and Design including Secure Application Design, SecDevOps, Threat Modeling, Incident Response, IoT Security & More.

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SACON - The Security Architecture Conference



Overview of AI & Machine Learning for CISOs and how they're impacting the security landscape

Summary of Top Talks from prominent security conferences like RSAC, BlackHat, Defcon etc.

Overview of Deception Technology, Architecture & Key Components, Deployment Guidelines

Designing Multiple layers of Security Architecture, from Business Architecture to Technical Security Architecture

AI & Machine Learning for CISOs

Top talks from global conferences


Cybersecurity Reference Architecture Design 

Understanding Business / Management

 & Communicating with the Board

Understanding key management concepts so that you can align your security program with business priorities & Creating a reference board presentation template which you can use for 2018

Managing insider threats using behavioural analytics

Insider Threats

Security Threats Landscape for 2017

Evolution of Security Threats landscape & top 10 threats that were new in 2017

Top 10 Security Predictions for 2018

Based on our research, we'll be presenting top 10 predictions for 2018 for you to consider when making your plans


Reference architecture and overview of key components of a SOC, e.g.: SIEM, Honeypots, Data Sources, Integrations, Threat Intelligence, EDR, Forensics Tools etc.

IR - Incident Response

Building a framework & processes for managing cybersecurity incidents

Security  Architecture Workshop

Designing Multiple layers of Security Architecture, from Business Architecture to Technical Security Architecture

Cyber Range Drills

Wargame on responding to various types of security incidents at a strategic and operational level

Threat Hunting

Here we'll discuss the Key Components, Tool Set, Learning "Hunter" Skills and a Case Study

Cloud Security

Overview of Amazon’s approach to cybersecurity


Creating a scenario of an organization and then use controls from OpenSAMM and BSIMM to choose the right elements of the AppSec program

Security Tech Landscape

Overview of new & emerging security technologies in the market and how the security tech landscape is shaping up

Overview of the IoT technology architecture and modelling threats & controls against different components (e.g.: Gateway)


Workshop on how to do a comprehensive forensics examination post an incident, at endpoint & network level


Leveraging the opportunity provided by DevOps to embed & automate security in the CI/CD processes

Startup Security

Startup Security Stack: Using 80-20 rule to build effective security strategy for a startup

Who Should Attend: CISO, CRO, Information Security Experts,  IT Risk Professionals, Appsec Professionals ....




1,000+ Organisations Attended SACON

What's Next At SACON ?

Moshe Ferber

Renowned Cloud Security Expert

Dr. Philip Polstra

Author Of 'Linux Forensic' & 'Windows Forensic'

Gregory Pickett

Renowned SecOps Expert

Murray Goldschmidt

Renowned DevSecOps Expert

Kenneth Bradberry

Chief Technology Officer, Xerox

Matt Suiche

Speaker & Review Board Member, Black Hat

Reinhold Wochner

Lead Of Digital Security, Raiffeisen Bank International

Bikash Barai

Co-Founder, Cigital-India (Earlier iViZ)

Keynote Speakers

Bringing together the best minds in the Security Industry

What's Next At SACON ?What's Next At SACON ?

-Vijaykumar Reddy, Engineer, L&T Infotech

If I hadn't come, it would take another 2 to 3 years to learn & understand these tools”

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 SACON (Security Architecture Conference) is the security architecture conference. It hosts great security minds from the world. Get access to selected talks from the conference.


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