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Best Of The World In Security 2022 

28-29 April, 2022

Application Deadline - 5th March

This series celebrates the foremost security researchers & trainers in the world. Your work reaches 40,000+ cyber security professionals, top peers, chief security officers

Reach Out To 40K+ Security Professionals

Antti Karjalainen

Co-founder Of Heartbleed

Dr. Phil Polstra

Author of "Linux Forensic" and "Windows Forensic"

Menny Barzilay

Renowned Security Expert, EX-CISO Of Israeli Defense

Nir Valtman

Renowned Cloud Security Expert

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Past Speakers
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Moshe Ferber

Renowned Cloud Security Expert

Andrea Marcelli

Renowned Reverse Malware Expert

Gregory Pickett

Renowned SDN Security Expert

Murray Goldschmidt

Renowned DevSecOps Expert

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Speaker Requirements
  • Sessions must be shared as Educational. 'Non-Commercial' and 'Non-self promotional'

  • Training Session Topic, Agenda Overview, Session Flow, Duration, Speaker Biography will be needed for the website

  • Independent Session duration must be 3hours or more

  • Nature of session - deep dive and practical demos. You are free to use any previous training material that belongs to you

  • Internet connection and a laptop or computer for session recording (team will arrange Recording)
Topic Sample
  • (Deep Dive) The 'Dark Web' Workshop (1 day)

  • (Deep Dive) Workshop On 'Windows Malware 101: Reverse Engineering And Signature Generation' (6 hour)

  • (Deep Dive) Workshop In SDN Security (4 hour)

  • (Deep Dive) 'Practical Exploitation of IoT Networks & Ecosystem' Workshop (1 day)
Agenda Sample


Introduction: The workshop will cover some key topics of Windows malware reverse engineering, starting from the basics of the Windows executable file format up to the modern techniques and FOSS services to analyze malware samples at scale. Finally, it will cover the basics of malware signatures, and it will present a tool, YaYaGenPE, to automatically generate them. During the workshop, Python notebooks and other FOSS tools will be used to show an interactive analysis of some recent Windows malware samples.

Agenda : 

  • Basics of Windows malware reverse engineering
  • The Portable Executable (PE) file format
  • Dissecting Windows malware PE files with Python.


  • Malware analysis at scale:
  • The role of automation
  • Function recognition with FIRST
  • Binary decompilation with Ghidraaas and GhIDA


  • Signature generation:
  • The basics of a malware signature
  • Automatic signature generation with YaYaGen.


Attendee Requirement : Participants will need a laptop with a recent 64-bit version of Linux, Python 3.7, Jupyter, the freeware version of IDA 7.0, and Docker installed. Internet access may be required to download additional Python packages.


About Speaker : Andrea Marcelli is a Malware Research Engineer at Cisco Talos Intelligence Group and a PhD candidate in Computer and Control Engineering at Politecnico di Torino in Italy. In his PhD, he studied the large-scale processing of Android malware, proposing a semi-automated system to provide fast coverage and detect new malware variants. He presented part of his research at BSidesLV and DEFCON26. Currently his research interests include automated malware analysis, semi-supervised modeling, and graph isomorphism.

This conference celebrates the foremost security researchers and trainers in the world. This is hosted by CISO Platform with 40,000+ global security professionals.

'Best Of The World In Security'

P.S. Any high-quality talk will be accepted. No promotions allowed

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  • (Ted Style Talk) The Notorious 9 in Cloud Security Architecture in Business

  • (Ted Style Talk) Security Landscape for CISO Post Covid

  • (Ted Style Talk) FOMO in Cyber Security: Top 10 CISO Learnings

  • (Ted Style Talk) A Sprint to Protect POS

Be A Part Of ' Best Of The World In Security' Today


Be A Part Of ' Best Of The World In Security' Today

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Jonathan Pollet 

Founder Red Tiger Security 

Javier Vazquez Vidal 

Security Lead Noelscher Consulting 

Gordon Rudd

CISO Author, Stone Creek Coaching

Inon Shkedy

API Security Project Leader Traceable AI 

SACON – 1st Security Architecture Conference. We have a lot of competence in hacking but we have a very limited community for the defenders, security architects …etc. To solve this, SACON started its journey. SACON has previously finished its 8 editions, a long way. We believe in making security knowledge accessible to the world. We hope you will join forces soon