Conference on Security Playbooks & Strategic Threat Modeling for Senior Security Professionals
What Will You Learn?


  • How to use Threat Modeling for creating enterprise security strategy?
  • Playbooks based on experience driven knowledge on implementing specific solutions from start to finish
  • Emerging Technology Landscape: Latest Trends in Tools and Technologies
  • Summary of the Best of the Security Talks across the globe in last 12 months


Venue,Date & Time

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Kochi, Kerela
Date: 6th & 7th May
[Starts 9 AM on 6th May; Ends 6 PM on 7th May]
Is there any criteria for attending the conference?
It is only for senior IT Security Professionals for end user organizations.


Registration Process & Fees






Are there any charges for registration?
Yes. The current early bird registration fee is INR 6,500.
I am a sales/marketing professional. Should I register?
Please do not register. In case you accidentally do so, we will return your fees minus the handling charges.

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Mobility & Cloud Security Track


  • Checklist for what you need to do different for cloud – making a Cloud Security Playbook
  • Solving the problem of Shadow IT, Cloud Encryption and Compliance Management in cloud - CASB Playbook
  • Why conventional encryption fails and what you need to do - Cloud Encryption Playbook
  • Mobile Security Playbook - For securing distributed and mobile workforce


Security Strategy & Operation Tracks


  • SecOps Playbook - Game plan for closing the SecOps gap
  • DLP Playbook - From Data classification to fine tuning
  • SIEM or SA - Building a playbook for effective detection and monitoring capability
  • Next Gen EPS Playbook - EPS is dead, long live EDR, ATP,  Machine learning and beyond
  • NGFW Playbook - Use cases, evaluation and adoption
  • Enterprise Encryption Playbook - For implementing an Enterprise wide encryption program
  • IAM & PIM Adoption Playbook - Tying Identities to everything
  • DDoS Security Playbook - understanding ALL the critical capabilities and building an effective DDoS defense program


Security Response & Prediction Track


  • IR Playbook - Building case specific incident response playbook
  • Playbook for building fraud prevention program
  • CISO Platform Threat Intel Sharing Framework across verticals
  • Threat Intel Program Playbook - Moving beyond Feeds to HUMINT, OSINT, TI Platform and more..


Governance, Risk & Compliance Tracks


  • Compliance Management Playbook - Unifying your compliance programs
  • Risk Management Playbook - Perspective checklist for building your risk management program
  • Playbook for building Vendor Risk Management Program
  • GRC Playbook - Defining, Navigating the GRC landscape and building a GRC program in phased manner


Emerging & Niche Track


  • Startup security Playbook : What Startups can learn from mature organizations
  • POS Security Playbook
  • IOT Security Playbook
  • Automotive Security Playbook
  • Attack Simulation Technologies - Playbook for using AS for Risk Management and Prioritization
  • SCADA Security Playbook - Defending Super Fragile environments against super targeted attacks


General Interest Tracks


  • Playbook for presenting security to management
  • Playbook for building awareness program
  • Metrics & Dashboards Playbook across SecOps


Malware & Application Security Track


  • AppSec Program Playbook - Prioritizing from the 100+ elements of AppSec Program beyond Pen Testing
  • AST Playbook - Navigating the alphabet soup of SAST, DAST and IAST
  • WAF Playbook - Use cases beyond compliance
  • Ransomware – How to deal & how not to pay?


Threat Modeling for Enterprise Security Strategy Creation


  • Learn how to use Threat Modeling for creating your enterprise security strategy
  • Threat Modeling for Banking Industry
  • Threat Modeling for Telecom Industry



Subrahmanya Boda

Group CISO
GMR Infrastructure

Bikash Barai

iViZ Security(A Cigital Company)

RBL Bank

Nitin Chauhan

Arnab Chattopadhayay

Senior Technical Director

Nadir Bhalwani

Director-Technology Operations

Nilanjan De

Principal Architect

Ravi Mishra

Sr. Principal Product Management

Amit Pradhan

Vodafone India

We brought together a group of people that have devoted their time and energy in information security industry.

Partial List of Speakers


I work for a IT Security Vendor. Should I register?
The online delegate registration is not valid for IT Security Vendors irrespective of the role.