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7-10 APRIL, 2021 | 8 AM - 4 PM EST  |   Global Virtual Summit 

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A "No Sponsored" Talk Conference - By The Community, For The Community

This conference is put together for the security community by our team. It brings together top minds from the global security industry to engage in great security sessions, workshops and more..











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Some of the best minds in the security industry present at our conferences. An ideal profile is found to be trainers, presenters at top security conferences. The quality of your presentation determines success. If your talk is submitted post deadline..we will consider it for the next time


This is a community by the community and for the community, led by community members and not by vendors. There are no sponsored talks and anyone who has a thought to share with the community which the cyber security community will learn from is welcome to share their thoughts through a workshop or a Ted style short talk. The event is free for one to participate. Needless to say the talk needs to be high-quality and no promotions are allowed. No commercial tools only open source

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This conference celebrates the foremost security researchers and trainers in the world. This is co-hosted by CISO Platform and SACON with 40,000+ global security professionals. Our vision is to promote collaborative and cooperative learning with the best of the minds in Cyber Security.

'Best Of The World In Security'

Terry Cutler


We brought together best of the minds in the Security Industry

Myrna Soto

Chief Strategy Officer, Forcepoint
CISO Platform 100 Influencer

Magda Chelly

Head Cyber Consulting, Marsh Asia
Founder WoSEC Singapore

Gregory Touhill

CISSP, CISM, President, Appgate Federal
First CISO, USA Government

Sanjay Nagaraj

CoFounder, Chief Technology Officer,

Dan Lohrmann

CSO, Security Mentor
Author, Blogger, Influencer

Ed Adams

Security Innovation

Rewanth Cool

Security Consultant, Payatu
ML, DevSecOps

Abhay Bhargav


Javier Vazquez Vidal

Security Lead
Noelscher Consulting GmbH

Lars Hilse

Political Advisor To Governments
Cyber Security, Defence

Hrushikesh Kakade

OSCP Honoured
Payatu Trainer

Renata Budko

Head Of Product, Traceable
Cloud, Security, Mobile Infrastructure

Inon Shkedy

OWASP Trainer & Contributor
Traceable AI

Murray Goldschmidt

Cyber Capability Education and Training | Cyber CX

Jonathan Pollet

Red Tiger Security

Amit Modi

Industry Expert

Satish S

Security Manager,
Security Innovation

Meetali Sharma

Head Risk, Compliance, Infosec
SDG Corporation

Harshit Agrawal

Security Researcher
RF & IoT Security

Chinthakindi Vishwanath

CEH | Cyber Security Trainer

Ashu Sharma

Malware Analyst,

Akhil Reni


Peter Stephenson

Author, Researcher, Trainer
Cyber Security, Digital Forensic


IoT Security Cnsultant

Himanshu Mehta

Senior Security Researcher
Digital14 | Xen1thLabs | speaker RSAC USA

Vinod Babu B

Cyber Security Architect
Cyber Crime, Dark Web

Prakash Ashok

AppSec Engineer

Krishna Nuthakki

Cyber Security Analyst

Ravi Ayappa

Principal Consultant Cybersecurity & Risk Advisory

Roshna Khalid

Cybersecurity Trainer

Jitendra Chauhan

Head Of Research

Apoorv Saxena

Red Team Researcher

Avishag Daniely

Senior Director

Zainab Al.Sheheimi

CEO & Consultant trainer
Etteqa for Cybersecurity Services LLC

Mirza Asrar Baig


Rohitanshu Singh

Security Innovation, Security Engineering Manager

Sashank Dara

Co Founder and CTO at Seconize

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Founder, Cyology Labs
IFSEC Global Influencer 2020
CISO Platform 100 Influencer

Conference Overview

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Network with CISO Platform, the global community for security peers. Share, Collaborate, Learn

Here's the conference format to give you an idea about what amazing is going to be covered









Best Of The World In security speakers come to our conference to contribute

Fortune 500 and other security industry experts are part of the conference

Top security experts from Blackhat Trainers to university professors come to train and contribute

"CISO Platform 100"

 "Time 100" recognises the world's top influencers but there's nothing parallel for Security. So we created "CISO Platform 100" with the vision to recognise those who are making a difference to the world of security. 

Andrea Marcelli

Malware Research Engineer Cisco

Gregory Pickett

Hellfire Security

Featured Trainings

Chester Hosmer
University of Arizona, Assistant Professor of Practice
Cyber Security Author

Python OSINT Collection from Geographic Hot Spots – Live While They Happen 

Introduction : This talk focuses on using Python to acquire LIVE open-source intelligence from tweets and the associated images, videos, and translated emojis from geographically bounded areas anywhere in the world. Twitter routinely removes tweets and images from their platform based on policy violations and other influences. By acquiring them as they occur provides both timely access to live events, as well as the ability to preserve future redacted information. Chester will provide details of the approach including snips of Python code along with a live demonstration. 

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Red and Blue Team Joint Operations Learning the Offensive/Defensive TTPs 

Introduction : CyberWarFare: Red and Blue Team Joint Operations aims to provide the trainees with the insights of the offensive techniques used by the red team and defensive techniques employed by the blue teams in an enterprise. From Red Team perspective, trainee will not only understand the advanced Real-World Cyber Attacks but also simulate Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP's) widely used by APT groups. However, from Blue Team perspective, trainee will understand how to Monitor, Detect, Analyse and then Respond against the real-time attacks performed by red team

Attendee Requirement : 
System with at least 4GB RAM having Virtualization support.
Open VPN Client
Updated Web Browser

Yash Bharadwaj
CyberWarFare Labs, Security Researcher
OWASP Trainer

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Agenda : 

Threat Overview
Computational Propaganda
Echo Chambers
Live Demonstration Targeting Twitter Hot Spots
Analysis of Collected Images using Forensic Image Analysis
Hands on geographic collection using Python Scripts
Detailed Code Walk-through

Attendee Requirement : 

Manish Gupta
Citrix, Security Engineer
Defcon Trainer

Agenda : 

Cyberwarfare Red Team Highlights
Extensive OSINT activities
Custom Web Exploitation
Remote Access services exploitation
Multiple segregated networks with updated linux & Windows operating servers/workstations
Exploiting combination of Linux & Windows machines under Active Directory   environment
Abusing mis-configurations of enterprise security solutions etc.
Exploitation of widely used enterprise automation software
Manipulating active users browsing (User Simulation)
Bypassing Enterprise Security Solutions

Cyberwarfare Blue Team Highlights
Real Time Attack monitoring
Host and Network based security solution
Real Time Network Traffic Analysis
Endpoint Detection and Response solution
Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Chris Poulter
OSINT Combine, Founder & CEO

Corporate Reconnaissance Using Open-Source Intelligence

Introduction : Digital Footprints - the real threat from corporate reconnaissance will explore the role that online exposure of executives, staff, systems & broader company information plays in cyber-security breaches. We live in an information society where sharing seemingly unconnected bits of information in isolation can be fused & analyzed to paint a mosaic of a target which can lead to catastrophic outcomes. The talk will detail how open-source intelligence is used during pen-testing, including the privacy implications from a red team & blue team perspective, to compile critical intelligence that is used by attackers to compromise even the most highly sophisticated organizations 

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Agenda : 

Introduction to OSINT
The human element of corporate reconnaissance
What about the companies?
Digital footprints & markers of opportunity
The corporate collection plan
Fusing & analyzing information to produce actionable intelligence for red teams
Creating non-technical attack vectors

Attendee Requirement : 

Abraham Aranguren 
7ASecurity , CEO Security Trainer, Director of Penetration Testing 

Practical Mobile App Attacks By Example 

Introduction : A significant amount of confusion exists about what kind of damage is possible when vulnerabilities are found in mobile apps. This workshop aims to solve this problem by providing a broad coverage of Android and iOS app vulnerabilities identified over multiple years of penetration testing. The purpose is to provide a comprehensive repertoire of security anti-patterns that penetration testers can look for and mobile app developers can watch out for to avoid. This workshop is a comprehensive review of interesting security flaws that we have discovered over the years in many Android and iOS mobile apps: An entirely practical walkthrough that covers anonymized juicy findings from reports that we could not make public, interesting vulnerabilities in open source apps with strong security requirements such as password vaults and privacy browsers, security issues in government-mandated apps with considerable media coverage such as Smart Sheriff, apps that report human right abuse where a security flaw could get somebody killed in the real world, and more Examples will include very interesting scenarios of copy-paste attacks, calling premium numbers from the phone, custom URLs, Deep Links, XSS, SQLi, RCE, MitM attacks, path traversals, and data leak examples from real-world mobile apps, Apart from that, many other issues, including interesting scenarios chaining several vulnerabilities, such as achieving RCE via SQLi, persistent XSS, data exfiltration, etc are also addressed.  

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Agenda : 

Mobile app security
Static analysis
Dynamic analysis
File storage
Man-in-the-Middle (MitM)
Mobile app vulnerability patterns

Attendee Requirement : 

Harshit Agrawal
Independent Security Researcher  , RF and Telecom Security Researcher 

"CEMA and CEWO" Weaponized RF And It's Role In Warfare Operations  

Introduction :

Since cyberspace requires both wired and wireless links to transport information, both offensive and defensive cyberspace operations may require the use of the electromagnetic spectrum. In modern warfare, military forces are heavily dependent upon access to the electromagnetic spectrum for successful operations. Communications with friendly forces and detection, identification, and targeting of enemy forces, among other tasks, are all reliant upon the ability to operate unhindered in the spectrum. For this reason, control of the electromagnetic spectrum is considered essential to carrying out military operations. Ṭhe electromagnetic maneuver can be considered to be made up of five domains: land, sea, air, satellite, and cyber warfare of which RF signals are common, this session aims to provide opportunities for attendees to learn about Secure radio communications, Cyber Electronic Warfare, Radars, Signal Intelligence, and Spectrum monitoring which can be used to gain a secure tactical advantage.   

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Agenda : 

Introduction to Cyber Electromagnetic Activities
Fundamentals of RF, Antenna and DSP
Signal Intelligence and Wireless Security
Information Operations
Internet of Battle Things
Counter Drone Survellience Techniques
Policies, Doctrines and Strategies  
Future of  Cyberwarfare

Attendee Requirement :